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Top American Gun Manufacturer Takes the Bull by the Horns and Machines LIGHTS OUT!

Updated: Feb 19

Taurus Logo

In 1982, Taurus, a relatively unknown commodity in the United States, opened an affiliate company in Miami, FL. The unknown status was to change dramatically in the next few years. True to their logo, they took the bull by the horns at the Dallas, TX Shot Show.

Taurus made an announcement that would have a tremendous impact on the entire industry. It became the first company to offer its customers an unqualified LIFETIME REPAIR POLICY. This one brilliant piece of marketing changed the course of the company. Only recently has this policy been matched, never exceeded. This daring innovative policy made everyone sit up and take notice of Taurus firearms. Taurus Int, recognized by the industry as the top firearm manufacturer, continues to set challenging goals and new levels of performance. Taurus has become a major leader in the firearms industry with innovative

designs and expertise in the use of titanium.

Embracing New Technology

In 2010, Taurus wanted to make big changes to their Brazil plant. They wanted to revamp their machine floor and production process, embracing new technology. Speed and accuracy were just the beginning of their needs. Safety was very important to them, and they wanted to make sure they were in compliance with regulations. Their current process was difficult to scale for larger quantities; they needed a machine to handle the addition of capacity.

Eurotech’s George Gari & Eduardo Barrios, Vice President of Taurus
Eurotech’s George Gari & Eduardo Barrios, Vice President of Taurus

Their current process also spread over so many different machines that total output could be compromised if any of the key machines were down, so they needed a machine that offered more consistent production. Added to these needs, they wanted to be able to change a program fast — a faster, less expensive new product introduction, with a simple change-over, was added to the list.

Sharing Knowledge

Eurotech has a wealth of experience when it comes to running unattended and lights out,

specializing in helping customers gain a competitive edge.

  • Fastest CNC Turn/Mill machines in the world

  • Deep technology insight from concept to completing parts in one operation unattended

  • Vast experience in training and offering effective solutions to gain better ROI

  • Dedicated team with a proven track record

  • Global reach with local partners in the US and Europe


“Eurotech offered a solution that gave us faster, less expensive new product introduction with simple changeover. We are running the same parts we did on our other CNC machines 33% faster on the Eurotech, plus the accuracy is superb!”

–Eduardo De Barros, Vice President of Taurus


Top American Gun Manufacturer's Justification / Other Benefits

  • Much less chance of injury and easy compliance with safety regulations

  • Easier addition of capacity - the current process was difficult to scale for larger quantities vs. adding another machine

  • More consistent production - current process spreads over so many different machines that total output can be compromised if any of the key machines are down

  • Faster new product introduction - change a program vs. fixtures, training, etc.

  • Much less expensive product introduction - simple change to program, etc.

  • Faster responsiveness to market demand changes for individual models - simple change-over

Jeff Walz of Eurotech met with the Taurus team and presented them with Eurotech’s Solution. His proposal gave them a cost justification that beat out the competition. Taurus then visited a current Eurotech customer’s facility and invested in several of the Eurotech Trofeo machines. In the meantime, the Taurus Miami Division began looking for new equipment to bring more of their manufacturing in-house. After seeing the capabilities, speed and performance of the Eurotech, they too decided to invest in the Eurotech multi-axis Turn/Mill Centers.

Improved Efficiency

Taurus’ first machine was the Eurotech Trofeo. The part was previously machined in 5 minutes and 15 seconds. Eurotech machined the same part in 3 minutes and 50 seconds. A savings of over 70 seconds per part! 85% of the cycle has two tools cutting the part simultaneously in the main spindle from both turrets. The Eurotech parts catcher also pulls the barrel and orients between the jaws of the sub-spindle. The previous machine had 6” remnants that Eurotech reduced to less than 1 part length. In addition, Eurotech allowed them to unload the remnant with the parts catcher so it did not damage the machine or chip conveyor.

Taurus Bronze PVD Barrel
Taurus Bronze PVD Barrel

By utilizing Eurotech’s EGS tooling, up to 192 cuttings and up to 48 live tools can be loaded for the machining of extremely complex parts in one operation, running several parts without any change-over time and loading redundant tooling using Eurotech’s tool life management system for unattended machining. The Fanuc control with a 10.4” color screen is loaded with all the options to give greater capability.

“Eurotech offered a solution that gave us faster, less expensive new product introduction with a simple changeover. We are running 33% faster, plus the accuracy is superb. We went from 35 minutes on 14 machines to 6 minutes on only 1 machine with Eurotech!"
-Marcelo Eiti Okada, Taurus



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