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The Evolution of American Torch Tip: How the US Company Became a Global Leader

Updated: Mar 19


We chose the Eurotech SwissTurn because we can machine so many different parts, it has a greater capacity than the competition and over 30 tool stations. This is a great advantage as we can machine complex parts in one operation or run several simpler parts with no changeover.


“We chose the Eurotech SwissTurn because we machine many different parts and this machine has over 30 tool stations, so we can machine complex parts in one operation or run several simpler parts with no changeover. Plus it has a greater capacity (up to 42mm) than the competition.” - Dan Walters, Owner

Gepard 42/32 SLY (SY2 available in all models)

*Hybrid—can run with or without guide bushing to allow small remnants and can run with standard bar stock.

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies 

ATTC does not rely on outsourcing; they control the manufacturing process from beginning to end and the machine of choice for many of their small parts is the Eurotech SwissTurn Hybrid* machine. This machine allows ATTC to complete parts in one operation while eliminating handling, fixturing, inspections, wasted time, and floor space. 

ATTC‘s global fulfillment network has distribution networks around the world with their hub being the US-based manufacturing facility located in Bradenton, Florida. Each facility is home to engineering, testing, manufacturing, quality control, warehouse, and distribution divisions, and they ship around the world to more than 53 countries. With an inventory that contains millions of parts, their manufacturing process must run smoothly and quickly. 

One & Done Parts

The Eurotech SwissTurn Hybrid has a fully programmable B-axis on the main and sub-spindle, 2 Y-axes, and up to 1-5/8” capacity. 

“Our manufacturing standards are stringent. We use automated vision systems to verify that each part is made with an exact tolerance. The SwissTurn machines gave us a great improvement in cycle times and the quality immensely improved. The technology of this machine is also a great benefit. We offer our customers over 16,000 parts, so the hybrid feature that gives us quick change from "guide" to "non-guide" bushing keeps us running efficiently.” 

Made in the USA 

American Torch Tips’ manufacturing hub in Bradenton, Florida, uses the latest technologies in their design, like 3D printing which allows the team to move quickly and accurately from design to testing and production. 

At the heart of their manufacturing are the Eurotech SwissTurns, CNC machines, continuous bar feed machines, and robotic machines which allow for high-speed production runs. Calibrated inspection gauges are set up at each step of the manufacturing process and an inspection log verifying machined tolerances moves with the component through the manufacturing and assembly process.


The assembly team builds MIG guns, such as their lightning semi-automatic gun. They are one of the few manufacturers using vision systems to inspect up to 30 variables on 100% of the robotic MIG contact tips that they manufacture. In addition to traditional hands-on inspection techniques, they utilize non-contact inspection equipment that can measure hundreds of variables with extreme accuracy. These integrated vision systems inspect critical components during the manufacturing and assembly process. 


“We chose the Eurotech SwissTurn because it had more technology and was priced very competitively. We really liked the hybrid feature that give us the quick change from guide to non-guide bushing, as well as the live tool capacity. We improved accuracy and saved 37% in our cycle time. We now machine parts in one operation and with the free training are still increasing our productivity.” - Dan Walters 


Quick Change Tool Holders 

ATTC has implemented E.R. style Quick Switch Tool Holders. The quick change tool holder technology has allowed them to increase production, reduce set-up time, lower downtime, and save money. These tool holders for ER style collets and collet holders allow you to replace tools easily and by anyone. They eliminate touching off or costly operator mistakes. (American QC Systems is a sister company and manufactures all of their holders.) 

With the easy centering boring tool holders you can preset your tools before you set up and have your spare tools preset and ready at your machine, allowing anyone to set your machines up and running with very little time wasted and assuring a perfectly centered tool every time. You can use a boring tool for one part and a drill the next without changing holders. For more info: /


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