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Bradhart Products.

Updated: Mar 19

CNC Machining Specialists Offering Precision Machining Services

With Tolerances Within ± .0001" 

Founded in 1962 Bradhart Products has always been involved in the metals business, growing in sophistication as they have matured. Their 30,000-square-foot facility is located in Brighton, 20 minutes north of Ann Arbor, Michigan. Precision CNC machining of highly complex components with tight tolerances is their niche. Uncompromised quality and customer service is their commitment. Bradhart serves a variety of industries, providing their customer base with vast experience, know-how, and stability: aerospace, agriculture, automotive, bearing, sportsman, hydraulic, machine tool, oil patch, construction, pump, security detention, military, recreation, medical, valve, and power generation. 

A family-owned business; they have a management team in place to take their business to the next generation by harnessing the latest technology and continuous improvement. The newest addition to their manufacturing technology is the Eurotech Trofeo multi-axis CNC turn/mill center with a dual turret, and dual spindle—the ultimate for bar machining and auto-load components. The superior design delivers extremely efficient and fast products of complex parts using live tools, with the C-axis, and Y-axis. 

Bradhart has spent the last 25 years diligently learning how to integrate today's Information Technology to take their customer service to the highest level. 

With the Eurotech Trofeo, Bradhart received the standard option package (over $60,000 in included options) with options such as the ClearShift sub-spindle. 

Did you Know? 

Eurotech’s ClearShift sub-spindle features 2-axis programmable movement (longitudinal and transversal); and is offset from the main spindle eliminating most interference problems on the two turrets, greatly improving cycle time and allowing for safer, simpler, and faster set-up. Both turrets can machine on the main or sub-spindle.


“The part previously being run on another name brand multi-axis had a cycle time of 360 seconds. This same part is now made on the Eurotech in 150 seconds with far better accuracy and process capability. This machine exceeded our expectations; not only is it faster, but it is also much more accurate than the competition. Being able to machine parts in one operation instead of several has greatly relieved the bottleneck in our turning department.” - Steve Thiele, VP of Bradhart Products 


“Our mission is to offer uncompromised quality to our customers. We have a 99.9% defect-free quality record and it is important to hold to this,” - Steve Thiele 

Joe Selway, Craig Winbigler, Steve Theile, and Pat Cochren at Bradhart’s facility with new Eurotech Trofeo machine

Understanding that in today’s manufacturing environment parts need to be produced in fewer operations, Bradhart was able to lower costs and improve overall quality. The new Eurotech is running three shifts and immediately created capacity in their milling department for other work. Additionally, Bradhart actively is growing its medical implant and medical instrument customer base. The Eurotech Trofeo will be a perfect fit to meet the needs of these types of components. 

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