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BHI & Eurotech.

Updated: Mar 27

A Manufacturing Partnership Made In Heaven

The success story of BHI another proudly owned American Texas-based precision manufacturing corporation.

From the politically successful Abigail and John Adams to the comedic duo George Burns and Gracie Allen to the infamous gangsters Bonnie and Clyde, these American couples’ success and life stories are the stuff of movies and we never tire of reading about them. Whether they're holding hands or ruling the country, these famous couples have played out real-life dramas that have captured national attention. They achieved something that many try to achieve but fail, i.e., a successful working relationship between each other. And that is what we see in a Houston, Texas-based precision manufacturing corporation named BHI. 

BHI was started in 1971 by Luke Brader with one manual mill and one manual lathe. Luke had to sell his only shotgun to pay for the material for his first order that they produced. He purchased his machinery from Rex Supply, a well-known local machinery tool store. He wasn’t dreaming about the American dream; he was doing it. Working hard and focusing on what he was good at – the technical side of the business. 


“We have two Eurotechs and we are hoping to get three more!

THESE MACHINES GAVE US WHAT WE WERE LOOKING FOR, NAMELY ONE & DONE. We get a finished part with less handling; tool production is a lot faster and of course, we got a huge reduction in cycle time. We are amazed at the speed of the machine and simplicity of set-ups.” – Susan Brader, Co-Owner at BHI 


A family-run business

Luke met his wife Susan thirty-four years ago; a scientific computer specialist, Susan was his partner in everything. She ran the daily operations of the business and as Luke so aptly puts it. “Susan is the only partner I’ve had in my life and I want to keep it that way.” Luke and Susan firmly believed that hands-on is the best way to run a business. They put one foot in front of the other and worked with a team effort to satisfy their customers. In a nutshell, Eurotech’s customers, Luke and Susan Brader of BHI had a passion for what they did, delivered the goods, got the job done, and satisfied the needs of their customers. 

So it is no surprise that BHI grew quickly. They weren’t aspiring to great things; they were doing great things. “We became a team, working together to solve customer problems and put food on the table and that’s why Eurotech was such a perfect solution for us; like Eurotech, we have a teamwork ethic and desire to provide the highest quality product,” said Susan Brader. 

“Our local Eurotech distributor AMS Automation is just awesome – knowledgeable, quick to respond, service oriented and very professional. When they brought the Eurotech in to us, they were very knowledgeable and helpful. They walked us through every step of the purchase and Eurotech’s engineer Pat Cochren was here upon installation to give us hands-on training.” – Susan Brader

BHI Expands with tool innovation.

Today BHI has expanded to a team of 67 and a new building of 52,000 square feet on a ten-acre site in Houston, Texas. Their son, David Lee Brader has now joined them and works closely with his father on the technical side of the business. 

BHI uses the Mastercam system which is a great product for programming the Eurotech machines. MLC CAD SYSTEMS can configure post processors that are used to drive the machines once they have been programmed using Mastercam. Eurotech’s Pat Cochren and MLC’s Jeff White worked together to make sure the posts were configured properly. 

Initially Jeff White from MLC Cad Systems configured the post files using basic machine/control information provided by BHI. “While on site, I worked closely with Pat Cochren from Eurotech and was able to make adjustments to give BHI a powerful, innovative tool that sped up the design process and improved product quality. MLC Cad Systems “We have made a lot of different good parts on the Eurotechs since we received them, from aluminum to 4330 steel-38" – Jeff White.

Eurotech Trofeo Precision

The Trofeo Machine 

Eurotech’s Trofeo offers a superior design that delivers extremely efficient and fast production of complex components, using live tools, the C-axis and Y-axis; it completes parts in one operation and eliminates handling, fixturing, and inspections. 

A Cut Above The Competition

This high-precision turn/mill center has up to 11 axes with dual turret and dual spindle. The Trofeo series is a cut above its competition with advanced technology: 192 cutting tools for machining complex, precise parts and up to 48 live tools for milling operations. 

The Trofeo ClearShift 

The ClearShift sub-spindle features 2-axis programmable movement (longitudinal and transversal) and Heidenhein scales; and is offset from the main spindle to eliminate interference problems between the two turrets, improving cycle times and allowing for safer, simpler, and faster set-up times. Both turrets can machine on the main or sub-spindle. 

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