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Unveiling Accratronics

Updated: Mar 6

Remarkable Productivity Enhancement in Aerospace Manufacturing

“We were looking for a machine that would allow us to reduce operations and handling costs,” - Accratronics Vice President Troy Jones.

A connector machined on a Eurotech Rapido. Material: 301L stainless. Complete and unattended on the Machine.

Established in 1964, Accratronics Seals Corp. stands as a revered name in the realm of precision machining and manufacturing. This family-owned and operated machine shop has carved its niche in the industry, primarily focusing on Glass-to-Metal technology and hermetically-sealed connectors. With a rich legacy spanning decades, Accratronics has proudly contributed to numerous prestigious projects, including several NASA missions starting from Gemini II.

Their expertise doesn't just end there; their products find utility across a diverse spectrum of sectors, ranging from military and aerospace to commercial, medical, and energy applications. The meticulous craftsmanship and reliability of Accratronics' offerings have earned them the trust of clients worldwide, making them a go-to choice for those seeking unparalleled precision and durability in their components.

Aerospace Parts

“Before we bought the Eurotech, our cycle time on the parts was 30 minutes plus handling,”, “The Eurotech took that to 6 minutes and 50 seconds, including handling! So we were pleasantly surprised, of course.” - Jones

During the post-World War II era, the United States experienced a remarkable period of prosperity and tranquility, fostering substantial economic growth across various sectors, notably aerospace. Amid this flourishing landscape, Accratronics emerged as a pivotal player, specializing in the production of components vital to the burgeoning aerospace industry. At the helm of this enterprise were Bill and Deken, driven by an unwavering commitment to perfecting the fabrication of glass-to-metal sealed connector cartridges, essential for the advancement of spacecraft technology.

Over 50 Years of Aerospace

A One-Stop-Shop Manufacturing Shop

Distinguishing itself from contemporaneous independent machine shops, Accratronics adopted a comprehensive approach, functioning as a singular destination for all manufacturing needs. By overseeing every facet of the production process internally, they aimed for maximal self-sufficiency, ensuring meticulous oversight from seasoned craftsmen at every step of the way.


Revolutionizing Manufacturing:

Eurotech Slashes Production Costs & Boosts Productivity by 400%

In 2008, Accratronics went looking for a new machine. They needed to reduce operations and handling costs while maintaining quality. “We were looking for a machine that would allow us to reduce operations and handling costs,” says Accratronics Vice President Troy Jones. “We looked at several machines and did some time studies. Most of them did fine in their studies but couldn’t handle the broaching we needed. Then my brother Corby saw a Eurotech machine at Westec and brought back a brochure for me to look at.” 

After considerable investigation, including a visit to IMTS, talks with other Eurotech users, and discussions with Eurotech’s National Service Manager, Art Silva, and President Jeff Walz, Jones made a decision. 

“Initially, I thought it was way more machine than we needed for the connectors we were doing,” he says, “but our investigations answered all our questions, and we decided to buy the Eurotech for the connector end of the business. Previously we were running these parts on five different machines – three CNCs and two custom-built special-purpose machines. The CNCs made the body, and the two special purpose machines did the slots.” 

Improved Efficiency & Reduced Labor Costs

Initially, Jones says they did not believe Eurotech would achieve the cycle times quoted. “We thought that, if Eurotech even came close on the cycle times quoted, we would be happy,” he says. “Now we’re making parts even faster than they quoted!”  Accratronics has now invested in eleven Eurotech machines — with eight of those being Rapido models!

“Eurotech Machines Run FAST ”, “It’s as if these machines were designed just for our parts. In addition, Eurotech CNCs are efficient and extremely accurate. At first, I was concerned about service and support because I hadn’t heard of Eurotech.”  - Jones

Accratronics has now invested in eleven Eurotech machines — with eight of those being Rapido models! “Eurotech machines run FAST,” Jones states. “It’s as if these machines were designed just for our parts. In addition, Eurotech CNCs are efficient and extremely accurate. At first, I was concerned about service and support because I hadn’t heard of Eurotech.” 

Accratronics Has Now Invested in Eight Eurotech Machines. “No Machine Can Make Our Connector Parts as Fast as the Eurotech Rapido!”

However, Jones shares that the small concern was immediately quashed: “The support has been great from the beginning! Pat Cochren did our set-up and training. He is intense, and I found his approach a bit intimidating but also invigorating. We had G50s all over the place and learned from Pat that they were crash codes. As a result, we don’t use them anymore, and we are extremely pleased with the machine! I’d love to buy three more right now. The machine is holding plus or minus .0005 all day long without any adjustment,” he exclaims. “The thermal growth is fantastic; it only takes a few minutes,” Jones states. 

Fun Fact

In 1961 Moe Howard, a famous member of the Three Stooges bought and leased industrial buildings in sunny Southern California. One of these buildings was home to Eurotech’s customer, Accratronics Seals Corp., founded by Bill Fisch and Deken Jones in 1964. Moe visited the job shop to collect his rent and often stayed to watch the master machinists at work. This interest would prove helpful later on. 

Their choice to be horizontally integrated from the start proved invaluable. An engineer approached Accratronics from Central Technology Inc., a firm that was desperately looking for a shop that could machine a peculiarly–designed connector for NASA’s Gemini Space Program—and needed them in a week.

However, Accratronics faced what seemed like an insurmountable obstacle; they could not afford to buy the material or borrow the money to complete the job. When Moe Howard came by as he did each month to collect rent, he sensed an air of disappointment. When he learned why Moe’s reaction was not what you might expect — he guaranteed them a loan. He only asked how much they needed to get up and running for the project. Bill & Deken knew they needed at least $2,500 but told Moe $5,000. 

The three men had a common denominator between them because Moe gave them $10,000 with no paperwork to sign and zero interest. In turn, a successful business launch was realized with the help of actor Moe Howard. Moe’s friendship and encouragement to Accratronics continued until he died in the mid-seventies. 

After completing the parts’ production and the successful Gemini launch, Central Technology Inc. offered Accratronics a contract, which they gladly accepted. As a result, Accratronics Seals Corp. has continued to grow into a multi-million dollar enterprise. 

It is still a family business run and managed by founder Deken Jones’ children, and the company has had several expansions. For over 50 years, this one-stop aerospace shop has proudly continued a legacy built upon excellent service, high performance, and unwavering trust.  Learn more about Accratronics:

“With over five decades of machining experience, Accratronics knows a thing or two about what it takes to run a successful aerospace components company. Fortunately, they only trust the best CNC machines to manufacture their customer’s needs. We are proud to have them part of our Eurotech family,” - Jeff Walz.



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