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Automotive Leader in Components Expands & Invests in Eurotech.

With customers like Bosch, Chassis Brakes, Continental, Cooper Standard, Cummins, Daimler, Delco Remy, Delphi, Denso, Eaton, Eberle, Hitachi, ITW, Keihin, Magna, Metaldyne, Nexteer, Sanden, Vest, Sachs; the Brovedani Group is undoubtedly the world’s leader in gasoline direct injection components.

Founding & Early Administration

In 1947, Silvio Brovedani, an enterprising mechanic with extraordinary talents, opened a small machine shop in the Italian Alps area. A great economic boom occurred during those years, and the small company soon called upon local producers in an area that was establishing itself as one of the most important districts for the Italian metalworking industry, with major firms such as the Zanussi group. 

Today, Brovedani has six plants, four companies, and one vision, ‘Brovedani supplies technological solutions where precision mechanics is a critical success factor.’ 

After the completion of their new building in Mexico, the Brovedani Group turned their eyes to new equipment. They were looking for CNC multi-axis machines with advanced technology and speed. Corporate-wide, their preferred CNC precision machines are Eurotech. 

With over 25 Eurotech multi-axis machines in their various plants across the world, their management team decided to add the Eurotech Trofeo, Multipla, and Rapido machines to their new facility. 


From Diesel Systems, Air Conditioners, Gasoline Systems, and Starters, Brovedani Utilizes Eurotech’s High Precision, “One & Done” Solutions and Lights Out Machining for the Manufacturing of Automotive Parts — Purchasing 19 Eurotechs! 


Global partner for mechanical components since 1947, Brovedani expands their Mexico plant and invests in 19 Eurotech multi-axis machines! 


1947 Founding

Silvio Brovedani, an enterprising mechanic with extraordinary talents opens a small machine shop in the Italian Alps area. 

2005 Expansion 

Brovedani expands its product mix with a factory in Eastern Europe. 

2009 Expansion 

Brovedani Group and Reme sign a joint venture and a new factory opens in North America. 

2011/2012 Expansion 

Brovedani Reme Mexico new building. Total surface of 345,000 square feet. 

2013-2015 Announcement 

Leader in Gasoline Direct Injection Components


Eurotech’s Free Program Training and Hands-on Class at Brovedani’s Mexico plant conducted by Art Silva. 

“The training and set-up we received from Eurotech was terrific; we were up and running in record time.”  – Francesco Centaro 

The barfeed of choice at Brovedani is the heavy-duty TOP X-Files automatic quick-change bar feeder (no spindle liners or channel guides).

“The patented, award-winning TOP system allows for the quickest changeover (faster than a short loader); made for Eurotech with their proprietary options like Dynamic Vibration for unattended machining. In Europe, it’s the number one Barfeed used.” 

– Jeff Walz, Eurotech President For more info visit:


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