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Jade American-Made Quality Since 1991

Updated: Apr 1

The Story of Jade Products is the story of the American Dream!

John Erickson Sr., co-founder of Jade Products, always had a mechanical mind from the earliest days. In addition, he had the charisma and sense of humor that also contributed

to Jade Product's success. Jade Products is a family-owned company located in Mentor, Ohio, with a passion for advanced technology that is evident as you walk through their machine shop. Their shop is lined with six Eurotech Elite multi-axis lathes. Every part is machined on these machines with the pride and dedication that you see in the finished product.

A Sneak Peak Inside the Jade Factory.

Jade Manufacturing uses several Eurotech Elite machines for their shop needs.

How the American Dream Began John Erickson, Sr. had an avid thirst for all things mechanical. As a teenager, he started working in his brother's machine shop while pursuing his machine shop vocational training in high school. He continued working for his brother for 20 years. When his brother's machine shop got slow, they parted ways. John had a vision of owning his own business and believed that advanced automation was the key to success! So, with John's machining expertise and his wife Darcy's accounting background, they felt they had the foundation for success. Thus in 1991 JADE Products (John And Darcy Erickson). In pursuit of the American dream, John wanted advanced automation in his shop. As stated before he was a mechanic at heatt and knew the value of technology.


"Our search for better automation began due to high volume orders. After we spoke to many machine repairmen and sales representatives, they all suggested Eurotech machinery. So, it did not take long to conclude our automation search; Eurotech Elite became our answer for automation. Over time we incorporated lean manufacturing principles and started standardizing our workstations with Eurotech Elite machines. As a

result, we have phased out most of our old manual lathes with new Euro tech Elite CNC lathes. With the help of Eurotech engineers, Pat and Shane (and the great phone support),

this transition wasn't a difficult decision. With the right kind of skilled employees operating our Eurotech Elite machines, the ROI is beyond imaginable." - Joe Erickson


Automation & Machine Optimization

Presently. JADE utilizes the capabilities of six Eurotech Elite multi-axis lathes to manufacture most of their customers' orders from the single tuffet (E42) to the 9-axis

Quattroflex ( 420SLL Y). They can machine a wide range of part sizes to exact specifications, completing most in one operation thus eliminating extra handling, fixturing,

and inspections.


"Specifically, Eurotech Elite helped minimize the number of setups and operations certain parts required. Initially, multi-axis machines were a new concept for us but now. we have grown accustomed to the capabilities of multi-axis. And Eurotech Elite machines have provided us with reliable repeatability!" - Joe Erickson


Machining Solutions Example:

"Currently, a new customer ordered 5,000 pieces of an electro-mechanical interlocking system component (Cylinder Housing). It is a two-opt, 316 stainless steel, 0.00025" tolerance tight job, but for the most part, we manage to produce the majority of the part's characteristics on a Eurotech! The specific machine we are using in this circumstance is a Eurotech 730 SLY with a LNS Hyd. robar Mini-Sprint. Specifically, this machine has a 5-axis,

a single turret, twin spindles, and a 12' bar feeder attached to iL We have the turning surface footage at 300 while our drilling surface footage is at 100. The cycle time of this operation is 6 minutes and 30 seconds!! And because this order is quite large, we designed this operation to run "lights out!" - Joe Erickson

The American Dream Continues...

Joe Erickson was born into manufacturing and has had a growing interest in the industry for many years. He is presently in his last semester of a bachelor's degree at the University of Akron, studying Automated Manufacturing Engineering. "It is my childhood dream to one day be this company's focus point. I have had the opportunity to work with Eurotech machines since the beginning and I rely on Eurotech's every day to get the job done. It's evident that my family appreciates automation, courtesy of Eurotech, and I plan on incorporating Eurotech into this company's bright future!" - Joe Erickson

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