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Racing Ahead: Eurotech Partners with Del West to Supercharge Operations

One of our customers, Del West, approached us with a challenge. They wanted to produce their specialty titanium valves at a lower cost, while also eliminating rough grinding from forged heat treat blanks and of course maintaining the highest quality product... Manufacturing titanium valves for some of world's fastest cars, such as Formula 1, NASCAR and BMW, requires high precision and durability which keeps Del West always in search for the most advanced technology and solutions. Their applications are highly proprietary so while we can't share the finer details of the application, we can report that the engineering teams of Eurotech and their local distributor met the challenge as follows:


The customer (Del-West) wanted to machine the part (engine valve) by turning the head area of the part and then transferring it to the main spindle. But if you machine the part in the sub spindle and transfer it to the main, how do you support that part and do the necessary turning? 


"We built a turnkey for Del West that gave them improved quality and reduced final grind cycle time, eliminating 7 grinders and replaced with (2) Rapido machines, reduced personnel and increased thru put with automation."

-Larry Greenawalt, Eurotech Engineering Manager 


The Eurotech Rapido machine was ideal because it had the tailstock features as well as the sub spindle to support long valve systems. In addition, the Toellner automation system loader was incorporated so Del West could run two Rapido machines unattended, up to 200 parts through the evening. 

"The Eurotech Rapido was a perfect solution; it gave them everything they  wanted, plus a much better cycle time, cutting numerous operations and delivering a perfect finished part."

- Garry Frost, Machinery Sales 

From the aerospace-grade materials they start with, to the precision machines that form the shape, to the performance-enhancing coatings they apply, Del West valves are designed each step of the way to endure and excel. That is why they run in every major racing series worldwide, from NASCAR to Formula 1 to MotoGP.

The Eurotech Rapido solved their machining challenges as it  allowed them to produce their specialty titanium valves at a lower cost while also eliminating rough grinding from forged heat treat blanks while maintaining the highest quality product.


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