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Innovative design, world-class manufacturing and old-world craftsmanship are exclusive to Eurotech, the North American partner for a group of Europe's leading manufacturers of advanced CNC turning and milling machinery.

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Multi-Axis Turn/Mill

The world's fastest 4 to 14 axis, horizontal turn/mill machines. Designed for unattended machining. Performing both standard universal turning & complete machining of complex work-pieces in 1-Op, combining live tools, C-axis, Y-axis, and sub-spindle. No One is Faster!

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High Performance 2-Turret Bar w/Sub & Tailstock

Eurotech is Europe's leading manufacturer of the TTL-66/66 Volar advanced, high
speed, high performance universal turn/mill centers, designed for unattended high performance, high volume machining.
The TTL-66/66: 2-12-station Y-axis turrets, dual spindle & tailstock, 12,000 RPM Driven Tools.

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All Eurotech factories and products are compliant with CE, ISO, DIN and UL standards

Eurotech CNC machines feature the highest proven ROI in the industry. Precision, speed, and the ability to run for long periods without user intervention sets our machines apart. All our equipment is backed by highly advanced engineering.

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The world's quickest 6 - 11 axis, Swiss-type CNC auto lathes. Designed for unattended machining. Performing both standard universal turning and complete machining of complex work pieces in 1-Op, combining live tools, C-axis, Y-axis, B-axis, and sub-spindle.

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TORO TD-30-YS-800

High Performance CNC Chuckers

Eurotech is Europe's leading manufacturer of advanced, high speed, high performance
CNC Chuckers, designed for high precision, high volume, fully automated unattended machining.
The TD-30-YS-800 model: A2-6 spindle, 12-station Y-axis turret (16 optn), dual spindle.

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Gepard XL 32 Brochure

Gepard XL 32 Brochure

SwissTurn Gepard XL 32 brochure showing the unique
offering of Eurotech's SwissType CNC auto lathe.

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Swiss Type Time Studies

Swiss Type Time Studies

Development of Engineering for the Manufacture of
10 Componets in Two Types of Swiss Type Lathes.

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Distributor Network

Distributor Network

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From parts & accessories to machine tech updates
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Eurotech Dealer Website

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Full-Line Brochure

Full-Line Brochure

Full-line brochure showing complete offering of Eurotech's
Universal CNC Turn/Mill and Swiss-type cutting machines

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